Spring Open House Title 23

March 1 through March 15, 2023

Happening At Sentry Equipment: 1001 Lower Landing Road, 606 Commerce Center Blackwood, NJ 08012

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  • Live demonstrations on all our shake, soft serve, and slush equipment
  • Homemade product demos on ice cream, Italian ice and gelato
  • Product samples and contact information from the area’s leading vendors
  • Brainstorming sessions and targeted consultation with Sentry experts
  • Profit stories, costs analysis, and business reviews for your 2023 season
  • Marketing and advertising strategies and trend analysis for the dessert market

Develop Fresh Ideas……New Profit Centers……and Boost your Bottomline

Discounts On ALL Equipment during the show,

Plus parts discounts and savings the entire event.

Who is our Open House good for?
Anyone interested in the frozen dessert business.
Anyone looking to get into the frozen dessert business.
Frozen dessert shop owner/operators.
Restaurant owner/operator
Existing Customers
What we help you discover?
What is the best type of equipment for my operation?
What is the profit and operational potential of added equipment?
Why and how do I know I need an upgrade?
How can I create a new dessert profit center for my business?
How do I begin starting to open an ice cream or water ice business?
What is the cost of wholesale tubs or pans VS homemade tubs and pans?