Milkshakes and Smoothies


CS 700

Model CS700

This counter-top model shake freezer features a small footprint.


Great for restaurants, QSRs, ice cream shops, self-serve college & university cafeterias, retirement villages and healthcare facilities.

Consistency Control

Designed to dispense the finest frozen product available.

Compact Design

with a small footprint.

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78 RMT

Model 78 RMT

This extreme-volume, pressurized shake freezer features a dispense-head-monted mixer that blends flavors and/or crumb toppings into the shake product as it is dispensed.

Fast & Easy

The fast, easy way to serve flavors regardless of the viscosity of the flavoring syrup or the fruit pulp it contains.

Flexible Mix Holding System

Pumps directly from bags or from mix containers

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5 Flavor Injection Syste

The Model CS705 is a gravity fed milkshake freezer which features a 5-flavor injection system, requiring no CO2.


This is a versatile machine used in a wide variety of shops, restaurants and stores. Great for any high pace, high volume store or low volume restaurant as well. 

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