Finding and Hiring Employees





How to find and hire good employees?

A lot of businesses are seasonal and we have difficult times with finding, hiring, and keeping employees.

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Where to find employees

Rob discusses the opportunities and places to find potential new employees for your frozen dessert shop.

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How To Keep Employees

We've invested the time in finding some potential new hires. How do you keep them once they come aboard?

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I need help finding employees!


If you have questions about finding or hiring new employees, contact us.






Knowing What You Want


Before you set out to hire a new employee, you'll want to know what you're looking for in the first place.


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Finding and Hiring Employees


Develop a Concept

Try to hone on a concept. Whether that be as simple as deciding to serve water ice, ice cream or gelato.


Key Location Elements

Make sure you check out your location and see if they match up with our ten key elements that make up a great location.

Ice Cream Shop Location Concept


Real Estate Agent Assistance

Using a real estate agent can make your life a whole lot easier rather than going at it alone.



Finalize the concept, match up the ten key elements and start your search for the right location.




A Potential Roadmap

It's never easy finding new employees. Hopefully the information we provided gives you a good roadmap to finding and hiring employees.

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