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Managing Success At your ice cream shop



Managing Your Business For Success

The following are a few ideas you can use for improving your business and training staff to ensure a successful season, every season.

Managing Your ice cream business for success



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Yogo Factory

Yogo Factory is at the forefront of the frozen yogurt boom in the Northeast US market. At their peak there was over 50 Yogo Factory stores operating with Sentry and Electro Freeze.




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Frozen Yogurt Equipment

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Flexibility. Convenience stores, specialty buffets, airport kiosks, burger restaurants, diners, and ice cream stores.

GES 5400

Fuzionate 44 RMTFB Medium

Fuzionate 44RMT

9 flavors in 1 machine. This pressurized machine is easy to operate and use.

Learn More About The Fuzionate 9 Flavor System


SLX 500

Big volume, small footprint. Gravity fed slim lined soft serve frozen yogurt machine.

Learn More About The SLX 500


SLX 400E

Slim lined, gravity fed soft serve machine versatile enough to work anywhere.

Learn More About The SLX 400



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Only Electro Freeze maintains a smooth, high quality yogurt product.
Store Architecture Layout & Design
Let us design your store with the 4 F's in mind: "form, function, flow, and finance.
We will not only design, but our experienced staff will advise you on guidelines,  regulations, requirements and give you all the
advice necessary to maintain your building and opening schedule.









State-of-the-Art Frozen Yogurt Equipment

At Sentry, we have developed yogurt machines that are specifically designed for self serve yogurt.
Our yogurt machines have the advantages you need to produce a smooth and creamy product.

In addition the ease of use with our frozen yogurt machines allow you to
streamline daily operation and minimize labor costs and procedures.

Business Plans, Cash Flow & Break-even Analysis

We use real data from our customer base to provide the tools you need to make smart, informed investment decisions.

Before you decide if the business is right for you, learn the costs and the potential of the yogurt industry.

















Education on Self Serve Yogurt

Learn why the self serve yogurt industry is the success it is in this area from industry leaders. Not only do we hold annual  Frozen Yogurt Academies here at Sentry, but our staff has held frozen dessert seminars throughout the country and taught at many schools of the leading suppliers.

Sentry Equipment is the leader in frozen dessert consultation and support. Just check out our library of online training resources.

Supplier Consultation

You will benefit from the relationships we have made in our 30+ years. We will introduce you to the area's leading suppliers for everything  you will need in your store.


We will also provide guidance on what products and toppings sell so you know what works before you try it.

















Hands on Training

Standards of procedures. Employee Handbooks. Customer service. Inventory.
'How To' of Retail. We cover everything so you and your staff are prepared to succeed.


Marketing and Advertising Plans

Our trained marketing professionals will help you develop proven advertising strategies, social media design, and marketing  plans to help the success of your business both before and after you open. As with all concepts, marketing is vital to the success of your frozen yogurt shop.









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Sentry Equipment handles stores in Pennsylvania/PA, self serve yogurt stores in New Jersey/NJ, and self serve yogurt stores in Delaware/DE.