New Ice Cream Equipment VS Used/Reconditioned Ice Cream Equipment


What's the difference between buying new and used/reconditioned ice cream equipment?








New Ice Cream Equipment

Full Selections

One of the main benefits of buying new is that you get a full selection of machines. That means you can find the right machine for your specific needs. It's important to find the right balance between under and over utilization.



Used/Reconditioned Ice Cream Equipment

Trust Is A Factor

If you search for used equipment online then we must warn you: Buyer beware. Make sure you're buying from a reputable distributor and they don't leave you high and dry when it breaks. You have to trust who you buy from.




New Equipment - Pro's




First Owner Privilege

A sense of confidence and reassurance, you are the first owner.




Full Warranty

You get the full warranty when you buy new. If anything goes wrong, you're covered.

new equipment



New Technology

When you buy new, you get the latest and greatest improvement in ice cream making technology.




Peace of Mind

You have comfort in the performance, support, efficiency and process of buying the machine.


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Used/Reconditioned Equipment - Pro's

(if bought through Sentry)


1 Year Parts and Labor

We cover 1 year parts and labor on used equipment when bought through us.




Hands On Training

We train you and your staff on the operation and maintenance of the machines.


used equipment



Full Line of Consultation Services

We don't just sell you a machine and forget about you.




Startup Help

We help you get your store up and running.

We Have A Machine To Meet Your Frozen Dessert Demands



This counter-top shake machine provides huge volume with a very small footprint.

Electro Freeze CS700



Gravity fed 5 flavor injector system. Quick, efficient, press button flavor selection.

Electro Freeze CS705


78 RMT

Extreme volume pressurized shake machine with dispense head mounted mixer.

Electro Freeze 78RMT


GEN 80

Extreme volume milkshake machine with head mounted mixer and VQM system.

Electro Freeze GEN 80

para cone2

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New VS Used/Reconditioned - Cons







Used/Reconditioned Ice Cream Equipment

Trust Is A Factor

If you're looking at used equipment online then we must warn you: Buyer beware. Not that used equipment is bad, it's just that you have to trust who you buy from. 

New Equipment - Cons

  • Price

Used/Reconditioned Equipment - Cons

  • Buyer Beware
  • Limited / No Warranty
  • Wrong Machine
  • No Frills


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