Italian Water Ice




Making Your Own Water Ice

This video gives you the inside scoop on what you need to know when making your own italian water ice.




Making Your Own Water Ice VS Buying Wholesale

Explore the pros / cons and value of making your own Italian water ice or buying wholesale.





3 Minute Tip

Which choice if best for you? Do you start making your own Italian water ice or do you buy wholesale...that is the question. If you're having trouble deciding on which is best for you then this 3 minute tip is right up your ally. 




How To Make Cherry Italian Water Ice

Frozen Dessert Academy

This video series will show you how to make a traditional Cherry Water Ice recipe. This is part 1 of the series.


How to make cherry water ice




How To Make Kiwi Strawberry Water Ice

Frozen Dessert Academy

Part 1 of the Frozen Dessert Academy on how to make Kiwi Strawberry Italian Water Ice.


How To Make Kiwi Strawberry Water Ice




frozen dessert academy



Our Blogs About Italian Water Ice



The Power of Flavors

Having different flavors can do a lot for your store...from boosting sales to generating buzz. Fortune favors the bold in this blog.

the power of flavors

The Best Batch Freezers

Having the best possible tool for the job is what makes a superior product. Find out the best possible tools of the trade in this blog post

The best batch freezers on the market

Water Ice


Best Water Ice Machine On the Market

What's the best water ice machine on the market? We explore the options and show you what to look for when searching for the best water ice machine for your store.

The best water ice machine on the market

Make Your Own Italian Water Ice

Water ice is an awesome product because people love it, the flavors can be almost endless and customers will come back for it over and over again.

Make your own Italian water ice

Italian Water Ice Equipment

Fuzionate 44 RMTFB Medium

Fuzionate 44RMT

9 flavors in 1 machine. This pressurized machine is easy to operate and use.

Learn More About The Fuzionate 9 Flavor System

B12 E

B12 V

This 12 quart batch freezer is the most reliable and dependable batch machine on the market.

The B12 E Batch Freezer

B 24 E

B24 V

The B24 E batch freezer is a 24 quart batch machine that defines quality, dependability and efficiency.

The B24 V Batch Freezer

para cone2

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John Vanore

Rita's Water Ice

John has over thirty years experience in the frozen dessert industry and currently owns 3 Rita's Water Ice franchise stores.he trusts Sentry Equipment as his partner.



Bruce Karpf


Bruce is the owner and operator of Sprinklz in West Berlin, NJ.  Bruce not only features soft serve but uses the Electro Freeze brand to make his own brand of homemade Italian ice.








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