Creating Sundaes

Learn how to create and sell sundaes for maximum profitability.


Creating Gelati Products

Learn how to create Gelati products for your ice cream shop.


Ice Cream Sandwiches

How to make cookie ice cream sandwiches

Angelo shows you how easy is to make cookie sandwiches to offer to your customers with your existing equipment.


Ice Cream Cakes & Novelties

Add Ice Cream Cakes To Your Menu

Hear why novelty products, like ice cream cakes, can be so pivotal to the success of your frozen dessert operation.



Add more profits with novelty products

Selling Novelty Products

Novelty Product Concepts


Novelty Products




Add More Profits

Adding novelty products to your menu means more opportunities for your customers to buy.




More Take-Out Options

Give your customers something they can easily take home or get delivered to their door.

Novelty products 1



Create Your Own Brand

You can create your own brand of ice cream and ice cream products to sell to your customers.




Increase Awareness

Let them take home your products...that way your brand is always top of mind.


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Novelty Products - You Can Do It All


Ice Cream Sandwiches

Use your soft serve machine and store-bought cookies to create a sandwich for customers to take home.




Ice Cream Pies and Cakes

Whether an ice cream pie or an ice cream cake, you could make someones birthday really special.


Novelty products 1



Pints & Quarts

Give your customers the option to take your homemade ice cream home by offering them pints and quarts.




Cones & Dips

You can get creative with your cones by dipping them in different toppings and dips.

We Have A Machine To Help You Make Your Novelty Products

B12 V Batch Freezer

B12 V

This 12 QT. Batch Freezer allows you to make water ice, ice cream, gelato and more.

Electro Freeze CS700

Fuzionate 44 RMTFB Medium


Change flavors with the push of a button with this multi-flavor machine.

Electro Freeze CS705



Slim line and gravity fed, produces a creamy smooth flavor perfect for any novelty product.

Electro Freeze 78RMT

B12 E thin

B24 E

This 24 QT. Batch Freezer allows you to make water ice, ice cream, gelato and more.

Electro Freeze GEN 80

para cone2

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Cones, Cone Dips & Waffle Cones

Continue to do what you do best

If ice cream cones are what you're known for, then continue doing that. However, offer them something other than just a regular cone. Angelo explains more in the video on the right.



Have A Question About Making Your Own Novelty Products?


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We'll be delighted to field any questions about novelty products.

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