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Soft Serve Equipment

Quality Counts

Pressurized or gravity, high capacity, low capacity, countertop or full size? See why not all ice cream machines are the same.


How To Put Sprinkles (Jimmies) On A Cone

The Cone Test

Can your cones pass the test? Check out how to do the upside-down cone trick to see if your product can stay in the cone.

Choosing The Right Soft Serve Equipment

3 Minute Tip

One of the most important decisions you have to make is what machine to use. Pressurized machine or a gravity machine?

Find out what the difference is and what machine might be right for you.


Pressurized VS Gravity Machines

3 Minute Tip

Ice cream machines do three things, mix, add air, and dispense product...using either gravity or pressure.

Find out what the difference is and which one might be better for you.


The Art Of The Ice Cream Cone

3 Minute Tip

There is more to making an ice cream cone then just plopping some ice cream in it. You need to know the art of the ice cream cone. Luckily we have Rob and Angelo in this 3 Minute Tip to show us how it's done.


Ice Cream Cup Sizes

What's The Proper Amount?

Once you figure out how many revolutions in a cone, you need to do the same for your cups. This video gives you tips and tricks about your ice cream cup sizes.


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Our Blogs About Soft Serve Ice Cream



The Perfect Ice Cream Cone

Learn the art of the ice cream cone as Rob and Angelo teach you the secrets to making the perfect ice cream cone.

the perfect ice cream cone


The Power of Flavors

Having different flavors can do a lot for your store...from boosting sales to generating buzz. Fortune favors the bold in this blog.

the power of flavors

Soft Serve


Ice Cream Novelty Items

Creating ice cream novelty items will help you sell more products. But you're also creating your own brand.

making ice cream novelty products


Making Your Ice Cream Remarkable

How do you differentiate your ice cream products from all the others on the market. Simply put: produce quality consistency.

make your ice cream remarkable

Soft Serve Equipment

Fuzionate 44 RMTFB Medium

Fuzionate 44RMT

9 flavors in 1 machine. This pressurized machine is easy to operate and use.

Learn More About The Fuzionate 9 Flavor System

GES 5099 x600

GES 5099

Pressurized 2 flavor twist machine that includes the virtual quality management.

Learn More About The GES 5400

Electro Freeze GES 5400

GES 5400

Extreme volume, 2 flavor system. The highest volume machine on the market.

Learn More About The GES 5400




High volume front loading freezer with built-in refrigerated cabinet.

Learn More About 30T-RMT


SLX 500

Big volume, small footprint. Gravity fed slim lined soft serve machine.

Electro Freeze Genesis 5099


SLX 400 E

Slim lined, gravity fed soft serve machine versatile enough to work anywhere.

Learn More About The SLX 400

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See What Our Customers Have To Say






Gary Magnifico

Magnifico's Ice Cream

Gary has been in the ice cream business for over 40 years operating an extremely high volume store, Magnifico's Ice Cream, in Central NJ.  Gary's store sells only soft serve and Gary is currently featuring 8 machines to keep up with his volume.



Ray Lodato

Dot's Ice Cream & Water Ice

When Ray and family wanted to fulfill their lifelong dream of opening an ice cream shop they turned to Sentry Equipment to guide them through the entire process from start to finish. Hear about Ray's story and how Sentry Equipment helped him achieve his lifetime dream.












Chris Clayton

Margate Dairy Bar & Burger

A fixture in Margate NJ for ice cream and desserts for a long time,

Chris knows the benefit of serving quality products to stand out from other competitors.



Joyce and Joy Parker

Dairy Palace

The Dairy Palace has been in business for 60 years and is one of Sentry Equipment's most loyal customers. Known far and wide for their milkshakes, the Dairy Palace has seen multiple generations of families come back season after season for frozen dessert treats.






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If there is specific information that you are seeking and you couldn't find it on this page or in one of the links, contact us.


We'll be delighted to field any questions about soft serve ice cream.

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Soft Serve Novelties



Cones, Waffle Cones and Cone Dips

Soft Serve Novelties

Looking for a way to increase profits without adding a whole new product. If you're known for your soft-serve cones, why not offer a new kind of cone. One that you can charge more money for. 

Angelo shows you how in this video.






Ice Cream Sandwiches

Soft Serve Novelties

See how easy it is to create novelty items for your frozen dessert store. In this video, Angelo shows you how to make ice cream cookies from your soft serve machine.