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What are the Key Elements in Finding a Great Location?

Location, location, location is the old adage. With services like GrubHub and DoorDash, location isn't as essential as it used to be.

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Knowing Your Concept

Knowing what to look for in your location has a lot to do with the concept

of your store. You have to know this before the search begins.

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Elements to Look For In The Perfect Location

We try and identify 10 key elements in a great location.

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Can A Real Estate Agent Help Me?


If you haven't worked with a real estate agent in your location search, you may want to think again. Janice Wescott from Weichert Realtors answers our real estate questions.


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Location Search


Develop a Concept

Try to hone on a concept. Whether that be as simple as deciding to serve water ice, ice cream or gelato.


Key Location Elements

Make sure you check out your location and see if they match up with our ten key elements that make up a great location.

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Real Estate Agent Assistance

Using a real estate agent can make your life a whole lot easier rather than going at it alone.



Finalize the concept, match up the ten key elements and start your search for the right location.





Location Searches To Make You Successful





Finalize the Plan

As you finalize your business plan and hone in on your concept, use our ten key elements to help you zero in on a location.

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How to tap into key demographics for your store.


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