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Electro Freeze CS700

If you're looking to increase profits at your establishment, milkshakes are the #1 way to do it.

See how quick and easy it is to make a milkshake then turn around and make another shake with a different flavor. All done in seconds, not minutes. 

Freak Milkshakes

There is a trend in the frozen dessert industry that you should be taking advantage of. They're called "Freak Shakes"...which is basically a milkshake tricked out and bling, bling-ed up. 

If your food establishment or store is looking for a way to get more customers in through your doors and/or increase profits then you should look into offering milkshakes and freak shakes.

What's A Freakshake? Watch The Video >>>


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CS705 - Small Footprint, Big Profit

The CS705 is a gravity fed 5 flavor frozen dessert machine that specializes in three different product types – milkshakes, smoothies, or frozen cocktails.

Electro Freeze CS705 Milkshake Machine


What's Hot In The Cool World of Frozen Desserts

Review the hottest trends in the frozen dessert marketplace to see if you can expand your product and customer base.

What's hot in the cool world of ice cream

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Forget The Aspirin, Get A CS705 to Cure Your Headache

When your store is jammed packed you need a reliable machine that doesn't breakdown or cause any issues. Make sure you have the right equipment.

Electro Freeze CS705 Milkshake Machine


Freak Milkshakes

It's Alive...don't be afraid of the freak milkshake. In fact, embrace it and you could increase your profits at your frozen dessert store.

Freak Milkshakes

Milkshake Equipment



This counter-top shake machine provides huge volume with a very small footprint.

Electro Freeze CS700



Gravity fed 5 flavor injector system. Quick, efficient, press button flavor selection.

Electro Freeze CS705


78 RMT

Extreme volume pressurized shake machine with dispense head mounted mixer.

Electro Freeze 78RMT


GEN 80

Extreme volume milkshake machine with head mounted mixer and VQM system.

Electro Freeze GEN 80

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Mick Julia

Karen And The Nut

When Mick Julia was looking to add milkshakes to his offerings, he needed a partner that would go the extra mile. Hear why he chose to team with Sentry Equipment to grow his business.





Milkshakes In Minutes

If you're a diner, pizza shop or Mexican restaurant, milkshakes are a great addition to your menu and a great way to make additional profits. Best of all, one of our machines makes it easy.



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