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Sentry Consulting Services

Frozen dessert industry consulting is just one service we offer to ensure your success. Throughout the course of the year, we at Sentry Equipment will hold an array of seminars that are beneficial to both the experienced operator and the novice. For more information on our seminars, please click the button below.

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Location is half the battle when developing a business concept. With thousands of stores in our customer base, we know what to look for in a good location. We can educate you and help you scout the perfect spot. We can also let you know what type of operation would best suit your possible location. If you already have a location in mind, let us know and we can give you our opinion.



Meet With Your Contractors

We know how important it is that any needed construction gets done in a timely fashion. At Sentry, we will work with your contractors, plumbers, and electricians and answer any questions they may have on the layout and requirements for the equipment.



Floor Plans

Whether it be a new store or changes to your existing store, the look, flow and function of the spot is very important. At Sentry, we will take your ideas and our knowledge and create the best possible layout for your store. Not only can our computer scale drawings be used as specifications for your contractors, but many times they can be used to obtain permits and building approvals.

Menu Creation and Layout

Your menu is not just a graphic with prices. It is a vital piece of advertising and communication with your customers. The layout has a huge influence on what people order. The products you sell should be well thought out with a plan. The sizes you carry and the semantics of what you call them is very significant. From prices, to products, to portions, we can help you design the best and most profitable menu for your store.



Product Training

So you know what's on your menu and you know what you are charging, but how do you actually make these menu items? Don't worry, we will teach you. The Sentry Equipment team will come in and work with you and your staff on the production of every single item on your menu. We will make sure that your team knows how to make your menu items the right way, ensuring consistency and portion control every time. You would be surprised what that can do to your profit at season's end.



Suppliers & Networking

Throughout the years we have built strong relationships with all the suppliers for every item you need in your operation.  We can not only introduce you to these suppliers, but when you tell them you are working with Sentry Equipment, everything should get a little easier.


Business of Frozen Treats

Starting a business is a big investment. We can help you figure out the start up costs, breakeven analysis, and cash flow projections for your endeavor. This way you are educated on the potential before you commit. If you are just planning on adding equipment, we will discuss the profit potential and see what volume you need to do to make the investment worthwhile. We can even work with you on a business plan to secure any financing you may need.



Concept & Design

We've had plenty of customers first come to us knowing they want to do something, but not knowing what 'something' was. Not a problem. We'll sit with you and take your ideas and develop the best and most profitable concept possible.


Future Consulting

We can help you analyze your season and/or brainstorm new ideas and products. Before, during, and after the sale: We are always just a phone call away.

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