Customer Testimonials


We believe our success depends upon the success of our customers and we are truly grateful for all the relationships we have built and success we have helped create over the years.  


Below is a small sample:

Steve Carcarey

Collegeville Family Bakery

Collegeville Family Bakery uses an Electro Freeze machine to serve a unique and special treat to its customers. Hear about it here.

Lucy Paccione

The Other Lucy Beach Grill

The Other Lucy Beach Grill knew about the Sentry Equipment before opening their beachside paradise. See why they knew Sentry Equipment was the right for them from the start-up. 

Rob Lancaster

Jersey Cow Creamery

When four friends wanted to start an ice cream business they literally started from nothing and built it from scratch. What turned out was the Jersey Cow Creamery. Learn how Sentry was there every step of the way from the ground up. 

Cheryl Cochran & Tara Heade

The Chicken Coop

The Chicken Coop wanted to serve ice cream but didn't know where to sart until they met Rob at Sentry. Starting small with one gravity machine, they have since added machines to keep up with customer demand.

Rick Pongracz

Batch Micro Creamery

Rick Pongracz's passion has always been ice cream and when he wanted to open his fresh, farm-to-table, premium ice cream shop in downtown Allentown he turned to Sentry Equipment to make it a reality.

Gary Magnifico

Magnifico's Ice Cream

Gary has been in the ice cream business for over 40 years operating an extremely high volume store - Magnifico's Ice Cream - in Central NJ.  Gary's store sells only soft serve and Gary is currently featuring 8 machines to keep up with his volume. 

Jim & Chris Eddy

Puopole's Creamery

When Jim and Chris moved from Oklahoma to New Jersey they didn't hesitate to call Rob at Sentry Equipment to help them with their new restaurant. Sentry Equipment helped with marketing, sales, equipment and more.

Mick Julia

Karen And The Nut

When Mick Julia was looking to add milkshakes to his offerings, he needed a partner that would go the extra mile. Hear why he chose to team with Sentry Equipment to grow his business.

Ralph Pappas

Willows Way

A local of Ventnor NJ, Ralph set out to create his own products and brand using the  Electro Freeze Batch Freezer. With help from Sentry Equipment, he was able to get set up and get rolling before the height of the summer season.

Michael Tarzhagi

Johnny Scoops

When Michael was ready to leave the corporate world and open an ice cream shop on the boardwalk in Wildwood NJ. He knew he wanted to do it right and enlisted the help of Sentry Equipment.

Ray Lodato

Dot's Ice Cream & Water Ice

When Ray and family wanted to fulfill their lifelong dream of opening an ice cream shop they turned to Sentry Equipment to guide them through the entire process from start to finish. Hear about Ray's story and how Sentry Equipment helped him achieve his lifetime dream.

Sarah Noll

Cherry On Top Ice Cream Shoppe

A new partner with Sentry! We helped Sarah set up a great little store in Mullica Hill NJ.  Cherry On Top specializes in creating craft, personalized ice cream recipes that  keep customers coming back all year long.

Joyce and Joy Parker

Dairy Palace

The Dairy Palace has been in business for 60 years and is one of Sentry Equipment's most loyal customers. Known far and wide for their milkshakes, the Dairy Palace has seen multiple generations of families come back season after season for frozen dessert treats.

John Vanore

Rita's Water Ice

John currently owns 3 Rita's Water Ice Franchises in the PA and NJ area and has over 25 years experience in the frozen dessert industry.

Glen Frei


Grita's in Richlandtown PA has been a tradition since 1967. See how Glen is continuing this tradition in the community.

Jill Persico & Chris Anderson

Bert's Homemade Ice Cream

See how Sentry Equipment helped Bert's homemade ice cream in West Chester PA make the most of their equipment and recipe creation.

Ryan Mastro

Yogo Factory

Yogo Factory is at the forefront of the frozen yogurt boom in the Northeast US market. At their peak over 50 Yogo Factory stores was operating with Sentry and Electro Freeze.


Dennis Raffa


Dennis has operated all concepts within the Electro Freeze line from soft serve to gelato to Italian ice to hard scoop premium ice cream.  Dennis has both owned retail stores and used the line to wholesale his products to the market.

Mike DeLong

The Udder Bar

Mike DeLong grew up just five blocks from ice cream shop. When he wanted to bring an ice cream shop back to his neighborhood, he made it happen with the help of Sentry Equipment.

Marlo Wright

Electro Freeze

Marla is from Electro Freeze Equipment and is an expert in frozen dessert machine marketing and the Electro Freeze product line.

Chris Clayton

Margate Dairy Bar & Burger

Chris owns Margate Dairy Bar - a fixture for ice cream and desserts in Margate NJ. 


Diane Ordile

Panza & Sons

In addition to working as a vendor partner with A. Panza and Sons serving hundreds of frozen dessert stores, Diane owned and operated her own ice cream business for close to 30 years. 

Johnny Fish

Sentry Customer

John owns two successful ice cream stores in NJ and features all Electro Freeze equipment. Sentry Equipment continues its relationship with Johnny and has been an integral part of the success of his stores.

Bruce Karpf


Bruce is the owner and operator of Sprinklz in West Berlin, NJ.  Bruce not only features soft serve but uses the Electro Freeze brand to make his own brand of homemade Italian ice.

Joe & Rory Schafer


Joe & Rory have been customers of Sentry Equipment since 1985. Even after selling their first store and opening another, they've been with Sentry for over 35 years.

Veronica McCouch

Sentry Customer

Veronica has recently opened a new location and we have helped her with everything from the layout to the menu development and training.

David Hahn

Electro Freeze

David is a representative from Electro Freeze and has been in the frozen dessert industry for many years. He is an expert in the Electro Freeze product line and creates relationships with distributors and customers all over the United States.

La Vita Dolce

Carmen Esposito

La Vita Dolce

"It is no coincidence that all the top water ice and ice cream stores in the Delaware Valley chose Sentry for all of their equipment needs, including water ice batch freezers and soft serve ice cream machines. And just as they chose Sentry, so did La Vita Dolce. Along with state-of-the-art equipment, Sentry also offers incomparable service to its customers. So, when you think Italian Water Ice and/or ice cream, be sure to put Sentry at the top of the list."