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How to make Gelati products.


How to make Water Ice products to maximize profitability



Learn how to create and sell sundaes for maximum profitability.

in this video you'll also get tips on branding, the amount of ice cream to use, what to use, toppings, and how much room to leave in the cup. Check it out.



Want to build your own brand of ice cream, and provide ice cream cakes or cookies to your customers. Learn how offering novelty items can increase your profits.



One of the hottest trends in the frozen industry, right now! Freakshakes. Learn what they are, how to make them and how to increase profits by offering them in your store or restaurant.

Ice Cream Cup Sizes

What's the proper amount of product to put into a cup?

Find out in this video.





Slush and Frozen Cocktail Equipment

There is no better profitable or higher-margin product than slush or frozen cocktail. Whether it's a floor model or counter-top model, high-capacity or low, these machines help increase profits with little maintenance and down time.

Soft Serve Equipment

When you're looking to purchase soft serve equipment for your shop, look no further than Sentry Equipment. Watch the video to find out more about what makes our machines the envy of the industry.

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