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B12 E

B12 E

Model B12 E

This medium-capacity batch freezer produces the highest quality ice cream, gelato, sorbet, italian ice or sherbets.


Mechanically simple and exceptionally dependable, this machine is perfect for gelato, custard and water ice shops.

Cam Door Latch

Provides quick interior access.

Digital Timer

with audible alarm plus adjustable torque control.

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B 24 E

B24 E

Model B24 E

This high-capacity bath freezer is simple and efficient, making it perfect for gelato, custard and water ice shops. 

Signature Flavors

Make large volumes of your own signature Gelato, Italian Ice, Sorbets and hig or low over-run ice cream.

Adjustable Torque Control

for automatic operation and shutdown.

Superior Service Support

Backed by a world-wide distributor network.

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Fuzionate 44 RMTFB Medium.png

Fuzionate 44 RMTfb

Model 44RMT

This high volume, front-loading freezer with refrigerated cabinet was designed for high-traffice specialty ice cream and custard stores.

Product Flexibility

serves a variety of frozen products, custard, ice cream sorbets, water ice or yogurt.

Exclusive Auger Design

Gently blends, reducing agitation, maintaining product quality and consistency.

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