Starting An Ice Cream Business

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Starting An Ice Cream Business

Interested in starting up in the ice cream or frozen dessert industry. If so you need to read our article on starting an ice cream business first, before you do anything else. We've helped thousands of people open up and succeed in the frozen dessert industry. Whether you're interested in soft serve, gelato, smoothies, water ice or frozen yogurt, you're in the right place.

Starting an ice cream business

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Mike DeLong

The Udder Bar

Mike DeLong grew up just five blocks from his ice cream shop. When he wanted to first open an ice cream shop in his old neighborhood, he called Sentry Equipment, who made his dream, a reality.



Jim & Chris Eddy

Puopole's Creamery

When Jim and Chris moved from Oklahoma to New Jersey they didn't hesitate to call Rob at Sentry Equipment to help them with their new restaurant. Sentry Equipment helped with marketing, sales, equipment and more.













Ray Lodato

Dot's Ice Cream & Water Ice

When Ray and family wanted to fulfill their lifelong dream of opening an ice cream shop they turned to Sentry Equipment to guide them through the entire process from start to finish. Hear about Ray's story and how Sentry Equipment helped him achieve his lifetime dream.



Rick Pongracz

Batch Micro Creamery

Rick Pongracz's passion has always been ice cream and when he wanted to open his fresh, farm-to-table, premium ice cream shop in downtown Allentown he turned to Sentry Equipment to make it a reality.






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