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Introducing the Next Age in Soft Serve – FUZIONATE from Electro Freeze

Posted by Doug Lang

Feb 24, 2015 3:18:37 PM

For nearly 30 years Sentry Equipment has been a leading distributor of Electro Freeze® frozen 
equipment. From top to bottom, we handle the sales, service, parts, and marketing for all equipment offered. Electro Freeze® has been in the frozen treat machine business since 1929. No matter your product of choice – ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato, Italian ice, shakes, frozen cocktails –

 or volume of business, there’s a model to match your business. Electro
 Freeze® invented the pressurized soft serve machine, and twist feature, and provide the simplest, most efficient machines on the market today. Recently, they have raised the bar again by combining old school product with new school technology such as their gravity machines and Genni™ (the first soft serve frozen dessert mobile app). And now, Electro Freeze® introduces Sweet Choice™ Featuring FUZIONATE™ 44RMTFB, the first fully integrated 9-FLAVOR soft serve machine.
If you are thinking about getting into the business of frozen desserts, this is the machine you want to start with. The FUZIONATE™ 44RMTFB is a full frozen dessert concept in one, space-saving footprint. Typical soft serve machines dispense one or two flavors, but FUZIONATE™ technology gives you the choice of NINE! And the flavors are not just tipped, but fully incorporated into each and every delicious bite - all by simply pressing a single button! By providing a choice of 9 flavors you will immediately add menu flexibility and distinguish yourself from any competition in the market. Unique, great tasting choices help drive sales by increasing customer visits and pulling a larger pool of potential guests. 

Besides limitless flavored soft serve, the 44RMTFB is easy to operate, clean and maintain – features you’ve come to expect from Electro Freeze®. You’ll find quick connections for syrup bottles, easy adjustments, and no complicated attachments. The machine uses Electro Freeze’s patented mix transfer pressurized system, the simplest and most reliable available, and pumps product directly from bags or mix containers to produce the best possible frozen dessert product each time. You’ll also find self-closing spigots to prevent mess and eliminate waste, and their exclusive auger design to ensure product quality and consistency. 

The FUZIONATE™ 44RMTFB features bottom refrigeration instead of the hopper usually found on the top of most traditional machines. By keeping your mix stored in a low-temperature refrigeration cabinet you are maintaining the consistency of your mix. The better the mix is in the cabinet, the better you’re final product will be. There is room to store (8) 32oz. syrup containers in the refrigeration cabinet, and an Energy Conversation Mode which holds product at a safe temperature, while reducing energy costs when the establishment is closed. 

All of these features make Electro Freeze’s® FUZIONATE™ 44RMTFB the machine for new ventures into the world of frozen desserts, or current high volume establishments wanting to serve the best flavored soft serve, frozen yogurt, or gelato around. Simple flavor change outs make seasonal menu changes efficient and profitable. By minimizing the steps necessary to provide customers with consistent, smooth and creamy frozen products, you maximize your productivity and profitability.

FUZIONATE™ 44RMTFB delivers valuable menu flexibility in a small footprint. Dispense the base product alone or press a button to infuse the product with 1 of 8 other flavors. Featuring:

  • Finest Frozen Product
  • Product Flexibility
  • Flexible Mix Holding System
  • Patented Mix Transfer System
  • Self-Closing Spigots
  • Exclusive Auger Design
  • Energy Conservation Mode
  • Superior Low Temperature Refrigeration

Kyle Elsom, VP Engineering at Electro Freeze® stated “We ground all of our technological advances on the reliable foundation of quality that Electro Freeze® customers depend on us to provide. Solving operator challenges while advancing the customer and consumer experience in the development of Sweet Choice™ with Fuzionate™ technology is the industry leading role Electro Freeze® continues to dominate.” Electro Freeze® is the leading manufacturer of pressurized soft serve machines, and has been doing it since the Sixties. With their Sweet Choice™ Featuring FUZIONATE™ 44RMTFB flavored soft serve machine they’ve staked their claim to the top spot in the industry for the foreseeable future.

Backing the FUZIONATE™ 44RMTFB, as with all Electro Freeze® products, is the support system. Sentry’s staff is filled with frozen dessert experts dedicated to helping their clients achieve success in the frozen dessert industry. Besides high quality, industry leading equipment, working with Sentry provides you a top notch sales & service team committed to education, consultation, training, and service.

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