Cleaning A Pressurized Ice Cream Machine

Cleaning A Pressurized Machine - Part 6

Step 1 - Remove all push rods from the machine.

Step 2 - Close the handle and remove the 4 knobs from  the head of the machine.

Step 3 - Remove the head by rocking it until it loosens and you can remove it with ease.

Step 4 - Remove the bushing, beater shaft, and blades from the machine.

 Step 5 - Disconnect blades from the beater shaft. (Important) Remove shaft seal from beater shaft 

Cleaning A Pressurized Machine - Part 7

Step 1 - Always put the beater shaft in the wash sink first. Remove any dried up petrogel with a paper towel that may still be on some of the parts. You can then do the same step with the shaft seal as well.

Step 2 - The bushings, knobs, blades, and push rods can now all be dropped in the wash sink.

Step 3 - Remove all star caps, plunger, and air valves from the head. Put each individual piece in the wash sink to be cleaned.

Step 4 -  Take plunger and use the O-ring removal tool to remove the O-rings from the plunger. You can then use your special cleaning brush to clean out the grooves where the O-rings lay.

Step 5 - Use the other brushes to clean inside the grooves and other hard to reach spots of the machine.

Cleaning A Pressurized Machine - Part 8

Step 1 - Brush and clean parts as demonstrated in the video.

Step 2 -  Wash with soap water then rinse.

Step 3 - Sanitize individual part, rinse then let air dry.

Cleaning A Pressurized Machine - Part 9

Step 1 - Put mix cane in bucket then remove the pump cane.

Step 2 - Open swing arm, and unscrew mix cane as well as the hose out from the machine.

Step 3 - Put all parts in the wash sink to be cleaned and repeat the process for the other side.

Cleaning A Pressurized Machine - Part 10

Step 1 - Start with a bucket of soapy water as well as a sponge and designated brushes used to clean the machine.

Step 2 - Clean the front of the barrel with the sponge. Next use your bigger brush to scrub out the back of the machines cylinders. Brush out each cylinder 3 - 4 times.

Step 3 - Next use the longer skinny brush to clean and run through the mix tube located in the bottom chamber of the machine. Repeat this process 3- 4 times as well.

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