Flushing A Gravity Soft Serve Machine

Flushing A Gravity Machine - Part 1

Step 2 - Poor water into mix hopper to rinse out any additional ice cream product.

Step 1 -  Drain out all liquid ice cream that you can from the machine at this time. In addition remove the mix feed tube to allow all product to plow out of the machine.

Step 3 - Turn on beater motor until all the water has ran through your machine.



Flushing A Gravity Machine - Part 2

Step 1 -Water should fill the freezing cylinder at this point.

Step 2 -Turn beater motor on, or into cleaning mode. Flush it with water until you have clear water coming out of your machine.

Step 3 - Mix a sanitizer batch after you have ran water through the machine. Run sanitizer through the machine to remove milkstone from the parts.







Flushing A Gravity Machine - Part 3

Step 1 - After you reassemble your machine, it's time to prime the machine and start it back up. Ensure that the hopper is clean. Clean hopper walls and use cleaning brush to clean the tube that feeds into the cylinder.

Step 2 - Properly remove your mix feed regulator from your carburetor tube. Then place it in the machine in the closed position.

Step 3 - Fill machine with sanitizer. Then drain out and put product back in.

Flushing A Gravity Machine - Part 4

Step 1 - Sanitizer ran through the machine for 5 min. Put the carburetor tube back into the machine in the closed position. 

Step 2 -Fill the machine back up with your liquid ice cream product. Once product is in, open regulator to the second hole position. Wait until the product flow out of the machine.

Step 3 - Shut handle, put push rod back in. Allow the mix to fill the cylinder, and put the machine into day or night operating position.

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