Flushing A Pressurized Ice Cream Machine


Flushing A Pressurized Machine Part 1

Step 1 -  Open the refrigerated compartment and remove mix tanks from the machine.

Step 2 - Once nothing is in the bottom, it is time to pull the remaining product out of the machine that is still in the cylinder. 

Step 3 - Place an empty bucket under the handle of the machine. Next turn your machines setting to "clean". 

Step 4 - Use the air relief valve to release pressure and let your product flow into the bucket with the mix pump still being on.

Step 5 -  Open air relief valve, remove plunger rod, and open handle until all the mix has drained out of the cylinders.

Flushing A Pressurized Machine Part 2

Step 1 - Place a bucket of water under the machine where the mix usually would go. " Do Not Use Hot Water."

Step 2 - Proceed to fill the cylinder with water. Next open the air relief and turn your mix pump on.

Step 3 - Locate the small hole 3/4 the way up on your handle. Once water starts to come out of this hole it is at this time that you should turn off your air relief valve. 

Step 4 - After you close the air relief valve, let pump run 30 sec - 1 min. When you are waiting, you can check to see if your pump is working correctly.

Step 5 - When the pump shuts off, close the valve and switch the machine to clean mode. Allow the machine to run through its cycle for a couple minutes.

Flushing A Pressurized Machine Part 3

Step 1 - After running the machine for a couple minutes with water, open the air relief valve and drain out as much water as you can .

Step 2 - Remove the water bucket that is located in the under compartment of the machine. During this stage you should start to prepare your batch of sanitized solution. To start you are going to need 1 packet of food grade sanitizer and 2 gallons of warm water.

Step 3 - Mix the the packet of sanitizer into the 2 gallon bucket of warm water. Then stir the solution with a wire whisk.

Flushing A Pressurized Machine Part 4

Step 1 - This process is almost exactly the same as part 2 of the instructional videos just with sanitizer instead of water. Start with sanitizer the underneath compartment feeding into the mix tank.

Step 2 - Open air relief valve as well as the handle. Proceed by turning the mix pump on.

Step 3 - Repeat same proceed as Part 2. Let sanitizer run through the machine for a minute or two until the machine is thoroughly sanitized.

Flushing A Pressurized Machine Part 5

Step 1 - Remove sanitizer bucket from the bottom refrigerated compartment.

Step 2 - Drain the sanitizer from the cylinder. To do this, lift the air relief valve, turn mix pump on, remove the push rod and push the handle down. This will allow the sanitizer to flow out of your machine. 

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