Priming A Pressurized Ice Cream Machine

Reassembling and Priming - Part 1

Step 1 - Use manual and O-ring chart for help on these steps.

Step 2 - Put petrol -gel on the back end of the beater shaft. Any excess gel you can wipe on the inside of the cup seal as demonstrated in the video.

Step 3 - Remove any excess petrol-gel from the beater shaft.

Step 4 - Attach scraper blades to the beater shaft.

Step 5 - Slide beater shaft into the cylinder. Next turn the beater shaft "like a key" to lock it in place.

Step 6 - Replicate the steps above with the other beater shaft.

Reassembling and Priming - Part 2

Step 1 - Run the special brush through the hole underneath the dispensing head.

Step 2 - Demonstrated in the video are more in depth instructions on assembling the beater shaft and attaching the blades for best performance.

Reassembling and Priming - Part 3

Step 1 - The first step is to reassemble the head of the machine. First identify your plungers, lubricate them and slide the plungers into the head of the dispenser so that is slides easily in.

Step 2 - Apply petrol-gel on the air relief part and then slide that into the correct hole located on the top of the dispenser head.

Step 3 - Install the handles into the head of the dispenser. Once the handle is in the slot, push the plunger down to lock the handle into position.

Step 4- Once the handles are in position, take the handle pin and run it through each hole of the handles that you just installed.

Step 5 - Use the petrol-gel to lubricate the back of the dispenser head before placing the head onto the front of the machine where the four posts are sticking out. 

Step 6 - Pop on the serrated nozzles.

Step 7 - Put the push rods into the spring loaded chamber.

Reassembling and Priming - Part 4

Step 1 - Remove duck billed valve from the mix cane. Remove all hoses that are attached to the mix cane as well as any clamps that may be holding the parts together. Separate the air line, the air meter and the air transfer hose apart from one another.

Step 2 - Run a specialized brush through all hoses and tubes until all are clean with no water left behind. Clean each piece in wash water, sanitize and air dry.

Step 3 - Now it is time to reassemble the mix pick up tube. First attach airline to mix pick up tube, then attach the air meter to the airline. Next attach transfer hose to the mix pick up tube by clamping them together with the hose clamps. After attach the braided hose to the rubber hose with the hose clamps. Last, put the duck billed valve back into the mix tube.

Step 4 - Once the mix cane is assembled, attach the mix came to your mix pump. To do this you can follow direction located inside the mix pump chamber. If you are looking for a more detailed process please check out or videos located next to this section. 

Reassembling and Priming - Part 5

Step 1 - Take the bucket of sanitizer and place it in the mix cabinet. Put an empty bucket under the head of the machine where the product with flow out from. 

Step 2- Open air relief valve, remove the push rod, open the handle and turn the mix pump on. At this point evaluate if their are any issues with your machine.

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