Reconditioned Frozen Dessert Equipment

A Soft Serve Unit Is An Investment

More importantly this equipment is the centerpiece of your frozen dessert operation. It needs to be dependable in performance and efficiency and it needs to produce a product that meets your quality standards on a consistent basis. Remember, your customers don’t care what you invested. They only care about their experience when they visit. Your equipment plays a huge part in that experience.

Here at Sentry we do two things—sell and service the Electro Freeze brand of frozen dessert equipment. We are the experts in the market with over 40 years in the industry. As such, we recognize the importance of offering reconditioned equipment. But we also know that it has to be sold and reconditioned the “Sentry Way”. Therefore, all or our reconditioned frozen dessert equipment comes with:

  • Full Cosmetic Recondition
  • Full Mechanical Recondition from our Factory Trained Technicians
  • Delivery, Installation and Start up from our Sentry Team
  • Our Full Line of Consultation Services
  • Full 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty 




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If you are looking into opening an ice cream business or about to purchase a soft serve machine and/or batch freezer, you’ve probably thought about whether or not to buy a used soft serve machine or new soft serve machine.

What are the benefits of a new batch freezer vs a used batch freezer? 
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What is Reconditioned vs Used?

A used machine is something you buy off the internet or from another operator selling their equipment. The equipment is “as is” and buying as such is a huge risk. It could cost thousands of dollars in repairs just to get the machine operational. Additionally, we have seen customers waste their investment by purchasing a machine with the wrong type/model machine or the wrong electrical phase. Our reconditioned equipment is a completely different experience as it includes all the value added components mentioned above.


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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the price of your reconditioned equipment?

Prices vary based on machine type, age and availability. Please contact us for more specific pricing.


Do your reconditioned machines come with training and consultation?

Of course. Our success is your success. Therefore it is our job to make sure we provide our complete line of consultation services whether you buy from our new or reconditioned line.


Can you finance your reconditioned equipment?

Yes. We have finance programs for both our new and reconditioned machines.


Do you provide a warranty with your reconditioned equipment?

Yes. Our full warranty covers everything on the machine. If you are considering purchasing a frozen dessert machine and “new” may not be in your budget, let us know. Our reconditioned

line along with everything else we provide with the equipment can help you create the profit center you need to make your investment a success.

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