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Why Milkshakes Are GREAT For Any Restaurant or Diner


Highly Profitable

With simple ingredients that you can buy for less than a $1. You can sell a milkshake for 3-5 dollars.


The #1 Dessert Choice For Men

Milkshakes are the number one dessert choice chosen by men. 



Quick and Efficient

You can make a milkshakes with various flavors in seconds as opposed to minutes.

Seasonal Opportunities

You can take advantage of seasonal trends to offer unique flavors that will boost sales.





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Milkshake Machine

  • This counter-top model shake freezer features a small footprint.
  • Great for restaurants and diners
  • Designed to dispense the finest frozen product available.
  • Gravity Fed.

Frozen Dessert Success






Milkshake Machine

Gravity fed machine.

Versatility used in a wide variety of diners & restaurants.

Great for high pace, high volume or low volume diner & restaurant.

Five flavor injection system.

Frozen Dessert Success





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