Soft Serve Shakes for Diners

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Freak Milkshake

Here in the Northeast, diners are very prevalent and there is one trend that has been sweeping diners like wildfire. Milkshakes. Most all of the diners we've had the opportunity to work with sell between 200 and 300 milkshakes every day. Multiply that by whatever price you sell them for and you have a recipe for success. One of the best things about milkshakes is the fact that you can sell them for whatever price you want. We have some diners that are selling their milkshakes up close to $15 - $25.00. 

Another great aspect about milkshakes is that they are contagious...and we mean that in a good way. You see once one customer orders a milkshake and another customer sees that milkshake, you better believe that 2nd customer is going to order a milkshake. In other words, milkshakes spread like wildfire.

This all sounds great, but if you're not setup so your staff can produce milkshakes consistently and efficiently at anytime throughout the day, a milkshake will be nothing more than a headache. At Sentry Equipment we specialize in soft serve ice cream and milkshake equipment that can be placed anywhere with a little space. Just give us a little bit of counter space and we'll show you how to add more profit everyday. Generally every diner we've worked with has already been offering milkshakes but they have been doing it wrong. Most cases, they've been using hard ice cream and outdated machines that make it near impossible to make a shake efficiently. If an employee finds it difficult to make a milkshake, they definitely won't be pushing milkshakes (which are a huge money maker) to their customers. Bottom line, any money you invest in an efficient, consistent, easy-to-use machine will matched twice with profits. 


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