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Candy Blend-Ins

Posted by Robert Romarino

May 19, 2022 3:45:00 PM

If you've never considered adding a candy blend-in product to your frozen dessert store, now is the time. You've probably seen them before as they're usually called some sort of weather anomalies like blizzard, flurry or avalanche. Basically, it's a combination of soft-serve ice cream and candy, blended together. These products have been one of the biggest trends in the market over the years and continue to grow. 



Not only are these products easy and quick to make (if you have the right equipment) they are extremely flexible as well. You can create almost endless possibilities between the different flavors of ice cream and candy you can combine. Easy to promote, these products can be extended to reach a more seasonal audience throughout spring, summer, fall, and winter with products and flavors relating to each. 

Most importantly though is the profit potential with these products. What you make this product for and what you can turn around and sell it for has a wide range which allows you to increase your profit margin. Adding these products to your store is quite simple - all you need is two foot of counter space. 

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