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Choosing The Right Soft Serve Equipment

Posted by Robert Romarino

Feb 19, 2019 1:04:26 PM

 This month we talk about the importance of choosing the right soft serve equipment for your business. At Sentry, we've been helping customers in the frozen dessert industry since 1981. With 38 years of experience, we had a lot of opportunities to interact with customers who are in or who are thinking about getting into the frozen dessert business. With all the different types of equipment available and all the products you can make with the equipment, it can be a bit overwhelming. This video will give you quick tips on what you should consider and what's important when looking to lease, rent or buy a frozen dessert machine.


 With the advent of the internet, there is a lot of information out there with some of it being good and some not so good.


With soft serve machines, there are two types of technologies you can choose from, a gravity machine and a pressurized machine. With a gravity machine, you pour the mix into the top and it flows down into the serving cylinders via gravity flow. Pressurized machines have refrigerated cabinets that pump air into the product. You can use either type of machine to produce many different products including frozen yogurt or ice cream. 

The main difference between these two machines is how it incorporates air into the product. Air is a very key ingredient in any ice cream product. It dries the product, it firms the product and as creators, we want to put as much air into the product as we can without sacrificing taste. Air gives the customer a better product and it gives us the creators of the product more product and profit. The major difference between these two machines is the consistency of the product that you can get out of each one. A pressurized machine means you can set the airflow to be consistent every time. A gravity machine will not give you that option but it doesn't necessarily mean an inferior product. There are many other factors between these machines and how they regulate and incorporate air into the product. The video explains more.

Another consideration that needs to be taken into account is the capacity of each machine. How much-finished product will you need? Depending on what your answer is, one of these machines will be a better solution than the other. If you're not sure about the capacity needed then contact us and we can help.

There are many factors you need to consider when purchasing the right equipment. Though this video is quite in-depth, it doesn't begin to scratch the surface when choosing a particular machine for your specific business. The good new is that you can always contact us to help determine which machine is the perfect fit for your operation.

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