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Dealing With COVID At Your Frozen Dessert Store

Posted by Robert Romarino

Jun 12, 2020 4:36:31 PM


Just a few months ago, a lot of us were in the dark as to what the future may hold. It was unknown about what was going to happen to our businesses, our families and livelihoods while the pandemic spread across the globe. As business owners, we were forced to comply with mandatory local, state and federal shutdowns and / or guidelines regarding our businesses.

Now, several months later, as the country begins to open up, your frozen dessert business should be thriving...not just surviving. Any business that had delivery options setup or had online ordering in place were able to stay open and keep their employees working. If you didn't have those options in place, then you're a probably little worse for wear right now.

As the quarantine slowly gets lifted there are still some public health concerns. So what can you do to make sure everyone is safe, healthy and at ease when visiting your store? We answer that question is this month's 3 Minute Tip. Dealing with Covid at your frozen dessert store.

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