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Should I Make My Own Italian Water Ice Or Buy Wholesale

Posted by Jeffrey Carroll

Jun 15, 2017 4:23:53 PM

There are a lot of great Italian ice wholesale products on the market. Armed with that knowledge, as a frozen dessert store owner or operator, you may still need to ask yourself "should I make my own Italian water ice or buy wholesale"? Because when you weigh the pros of cons of each, your decision will be based off of your situation. Depending on what type of store your run and how new you are to the business, one of these options might not even be a consideration.


If you're a small store/operation that does low volume then buying wholesale makes a lot of sense for you. You may not have the space for the proper equipment or have the upfront capital to purchase the machines. What's more, if you're relatively new to owning or operating a frozen dessert store then buying wholesale is a safe bet. But the most successful frozen dessert store owners know that there is nothing compared to making your own product and serving that to the customer.

Here are some advantages to making your own Italian ice.

Total Control

Making your own Italian water ice means you get total control. You can control the flavor, the taste, the ingredients, and costs all by making your Italian water ice on-premises. As consumers get pickier they're looking for high-quality ingredients and products...and they don't mind paying more for it either. 

Freshness Factor

Another huge benefit of making your own is the freshness factor. You can make a big batch of Italian Ice in about 12 minutes (depending on the size of your machine) and be serving it to the customer seconds after it is done. Right from the mixing machine to the consumer, it doesn't get any fresher than that. If you buy wholesale then keep in mind that your mix is being made in a factory, then frozen and shipped to you. That could be a lag time of days to weeks. Fact, the fresher the ice is, the better the product is. 

Cost Factor

When making your own ice on-premises you'll notice a cost-benefit as well. Often times mixing your own can reduce costs up to 1/3 and turn around and sell it for a higher profit. But the question remains for you, are you selling enough water ice to cover the investment of the equipment?










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