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Milkshakes & More

Posted by Robert Romarino

Sep 26, 2017 2:45:00 PM


Milkshakes are the hot new product on the frozen dessert scene. You can add a whole new revenue stream from making milkshakes the new thing in your store. No longer are you limited to just chocolate, strawberry and vanilla when it comes to offering milkshakes. By getting creative with your milkshakes you can create new opportunities and new customers for your store.

#2 Most Desired Dessert

Milkshakes are the number 2 dessert for men in the United States behind Cheesecakes. Milkshakes are hot selling items that create a lot of buzzes that will generate customer traffic, even if they don't buy the milkshake.

Make it a specialty item, not just another line item

Use your milkshakes to create a buzz and attract new customers to your store. Nowadays, ice cream stores are coming up with wild ideas of what to put into your milkshake. Candies, chocolate, weird flavors, and out of this world presentation are what can turn your milkshake line into a must-have item.


These extravagant milkshakes can currently be sold at a higher dollar price than just your regular old chocolate milkshakes. In some cities, you can see some stores pricing these milkshakes around $15-$20 per shake! Not everyone is willing to buy these of course, but it creates the traffic for people to get into your store.

Flavors aren't the only thing you can experiment with. Names can play a big part in how you market and sell the milkshakes. For example, a "double dutch chocolate belly buster with M&Ms" sounds more enticing than a "large chocolate shake". Flavors and names are ways to set your shake apart for sure but don't forget about the third way to differentiate your shakes, the ingredients. Whether producing organic shakes or offering candy bars and candles in your shake, whatever can be added (or in some cases be taken out)  can also be charged to the customer.

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