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Partner With A Charity

Posted by Angelo D'Ambrosia

Dec 16, 2021 4:00:00 PM

This month we talk about how to partner with a charity and how it can benefit you as a local business. But before we address how it can be leveraged for business, it's important to address why we do it all. The simple answer is: to help others. Charity is the voluntary giving of help to someone in need. And though, as business owners, we already give a lot, working with a charity can give back to you.




It's important to pick a charity that you or maybe your employees are passionate about and can get behind. This may require a bit of research because partnering with the biggest, most obvious charity may not be the right choice. A charity that aligns with your passions and has deep ties to the community in which you serve may the wiser option. You want something the community stands behind as well as something you and your staff can support as well. This in turn can help build culture within your business.


Culture can have a profound effect on the success of a business and the type of talent you can recruit. Partnering with a charity can also help increase your brand awareness. Make sure you publicize and/or advertise your partnership. In turn, have the charity mention you their promotions and website as well. This can be mutually beneficial partnership because they can introduce your business to their members who may not have been a previous customer.

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