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Replacement Parts for Electro Freeze Equipment

Posted by Robert Romarino

Jan 24, 2019 10:15:52 AM

Here at Sentry Equipment, we are an Electro Freeze equipment distributor. Electro Freeze machines have less wearable parts than any other frozen dessert equipment brand in the industry. Even such, we still need to change the wearable parts in the machine and have them on hand to help you get started for the season.



Why should you have parts on hand?

There are a couple of reasons it makes sense to have parts on hand. The main reason is that you need to be prepared for the season. If you've been in this business for any length of time then you know that once March or April hits, it's a marathon. Things start to move extremely fast and your constantly busy. Before the season starts it's best to look at what you need, look at what your equipment requires and bring it in house. Whether that be blades, hoses, gaskets, o-rings, lubricant or sanitizer, you want to have these items in stock before the season gets started. This is important because once the season starts you have too much going on, too much to focus on to worry about spare parts. You want to have the parts you need before the season starts. Bringing these parts in house before the season kicks off allows you to be prepared and you won't have to worry about it in the midst of the season.

Wearable parts are vital to equipment maintenance. Even though we provide award winning service to all of our customers, the most successful one's require limited service because they change their wearable parts. When you don't have the replacement parts on hand, you tend to stretch things longer than they should be. If you stretch it out or don't have a part in stock you run the risk of causing further, more serious issues with the equipment down the road. Having the part on hand means you won't stretch the equipment out, thus maintaining the longevity of your frozen dessert equipment. If you don't change the wearable parts you jeopardize the more expensive equipment in the machines like compressors, motors or electrical circuits. Changing a $5 wearable part now could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars down the road by eliminating the risk of a larger more expensive component going down.

Another important factor in changing the wearable parts is that it reduces any chance of down time. We've had customers lose hoses during a busy weekend and they weren't able to get a replacement part until that Monday. The machines sat idle all weekend not producing any product, thus affecting the profit for the stores for the whole year. If they would've had the part on hand would guaranteed they didn't have downtime or lose any customers.

Training your employees also becomes easier if you have the parts on hand. By showing them how to change any one of these parts can reduce any downtime. Inventory also becomes easier to track. When you purchase these parts upfront in the beginning of the season your not piecemealing your purchases, thus saving on shipping costs.

You can give us a call at 856-853-1967 to order your replacement parts now or click on the image below.




 Electro Freeze Replacement Parts Kit


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