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The Advantages of Batching and Making Your Own Product

Posted by Robert Romarino

Mar 12, 2019 3:23:03 PM


If you're interested in producing your own frozen dessert product, then let us introduce you to batch freezers. If you own a restaurant, frozen dessert shop, or cafe and want to create homemade products, then you'll need a quality batch freezer. 



The question is, why would someone want to make their own ice cream, gelato, or water ice? The answer is to CREATE YOUR OWN BRAND. The power to create and have your own brand is enormous. People will actively seek you out, coming to your store for your product. You're creating the demand, you're creating the market. Once you begin crafting your own homemade products (brand) then it's highly likely that your sales will go up. If you were buying ice cream wholesale for the last couple of years and then decide to switch over to making your own product, you're going to notice a dramatic shift in your sales and profits. It doesn;'t matter if you were buying ice cream, gelato, water ice, sorbet, or frozen yogurt. Once you start making your own product, your sales will increase.


As a business owner, it's important to stay on top of the latest trends to take full advantage of the marketplace. A current trend going on within our society is the farm-to-table concept. People, now more than ever are conscious about where their food is coming from and what's inside. Making your own product gives you control over the ingredients and sources of what's inside. When you use a batch freezer to make your own product, you can essentially source local products to build your own brand. Sure, your Cookies-N-Cream product may look the same as your competitors down the street, but the ingredients you use may be completely different, thus making your taste so much better.

Using a batch freezer and making your product allows you to control your costs. Obviously, when you buy wholesale you're buying at a fixed cost and paying a middle man who's marking it up. Making your own product allows you to eliminate that middle man and buy your ingredients on your own. Not only does it mean you can control the ingredients but you can control the cost as well. If you watch this video, Rob will explain how much money you can save by eliminating the wholesaler or middleman and what you can do to put that money into your pocket. 

To find out more, watch our video.

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