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The Art of Sundae Creation

Posted by Robert Romarino

Sep 18, 2018 4:05:59 PM

Sundae's are creations only limited by your imagination but they are creations that can have a huge impact on your bottom line in generating extra profits for your frozen dessert shop. So how do you turn your restaurant or shop into a profit center with sundae's? You need to learn the art of sundae creation.
In our blog post we dive in deep about how you can create new sundae combinations using different ingredients and hot buttons. Using these hot buttons, you can corner the sundae market in your territory. Be sure to pay attention to our four tips on how to come up with flavor combinations and recipes for your sundae's. In fact, once you create one new sundae we bet you won't stop there. Trying new things and experimenting is one of the advantages to owning your own frozen dessert shop.


Once you think you have the ingredients and flavor combinations put together to make a complete sundae that you can serve, it's time to move onto the naming the sundae. Just like the flavor and ingredients, the names could be endless. A good rule of thumb: name the sundae around what hot buttons you're pushing for the customer. If it's a sundae revolving around peanut butter, then having peanut butter somewhere in the name is probably a good idea. Get creative with your names use colorful adjectives to describe it and try to stay away from being simple and plain. Remember, sundae's can be huge profit centers so you'll want a big impressive name that makes the customer say "I want that".

The pricing and promotion of your sundae will be an important part of your positioning in the market. Give the customer some value and charge accordingly for it, after all, you put a lot of time and effort into creating the sundae so make sure you and customer gets a bang for their buck. You'll want to promote the sundae in every way that you can in order to create more profits for your store. You should direct or guide your customers into purchasing the higher priced items in your store using subtle hints such as in-store displays and menu placement. Whichever sundae you are pushing to the customer it should be visually represented with picture displays on the menu and all over social media as well. Speaking of social media, you should have a presence across all social media channels and constantly be updating photos of your creations and better yet, pictures of customers enjoying your delicious products. Pictures of happy customers give social proof to others that your store is worth visiting. 

For more in-depth information on sundae creation, presentation and pricing, watch the video above, visit our frozen dessert success blog or contact us via phone or email for help. 


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