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Winterizing Electro Freeze Machines

Posted by Robert Romarino

Sep 27, 2018 12:53:48 PM

Winterizing your Electro Freeze machines is a process that needs to be implemented every year. And even though we address this topic every Autumn with our customers it's still something we see people falling short on. A little action before the winter hits can save you big money after the winter is over. In this month's 3 Minute Tip, Rob Romarino tells us all about the winterization services for Electro Freeze machines.



We all know that winter can be tough in the Northeast. Cold weather, snow, ice and shorter days of sunlight aren't that influential in pushing anyone's craving for ice cream or frozen desserts. That's why most frozen dessert and ice cream stores usually close in the winter season. It's just too hard to maintain a steady customer base of ice cream customers in the winter time when they want to be eating hot meals to warm them up. 

Closing up a shop in the winter could potentially mean disaster for you next season, if you lose heat throughout the building. Not only do you have the potential of pipes freezing and bursting but you also have some Electro Freeze machines in the shop which you invested a lot of money in. Though durable, these Electro Freeze machines are not equipped to deal with the extremes of winter right out of the box. Taking the time to winterize your store this season can save you months of headaches and expenses next season. This one-time small investment will give you peace of mind and safety. To learn more about winterizing review the video above, follow the links on this article or visit our frozen dessert success blog - How To Winterize Your Frozen Dessert Equipment.




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