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Yearly Winterization Service

Posted by Robert Romarino

Nov 22, 2021 3:24:00 PM

What is winterization?

Winterization is the process of removing all water in the condensing lines of your Electro Freeze frozen dessert equipment. And it's extremely important if you're a seasonal shop and close down during the winter. 


Why winterize your equipment?

In the winter, when temperatures get close to freezing, the water inside your equipment can freeze causing the internal plumbing lines of the machines to crack.  This allows water to enter your system which will destroy the major components (compressors, condensers, etc) of your machines.   Winterization prevents this by removing all water from the system.


Dangers of not winterizing?

Extremely expensive repairs to your equipment – thousands of dollars at risk for a small winterization fee.  At times, the repairs can be so bad and expensive, that machines cannot even be repaired.  That is not a great way to start your season.  Even if you have heat in your building over the winter, you should still winterize.  I’ve seen many instances where the heat in a building breaks or stops working for a time period.  By the time the owner realizes it, it is too late.   You also want to have the confidence that when your season picks back up again in the spring, you don’t have to worry about water in your system. 

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Why Sentry Equipment?

At Sentry, we know the Electro Freeze machines and the proper procedure in winterizing the equipment.  We guarantee the job.  Should there be any issues caused by the winterization upon startup the next spring we will cover any and all repairs. 




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