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Posted by Robert Romarino

Jun 9, 2014 1:35:00 PM

While searching for the best frozen dessert machine for your new or established ice cream or yogurt shop, convenience store, or restaurant, it’s critical to consider not only the quality of the manufactured equipment and the product it produces, but also the support and service the distributor provides.  By factoring in these two essential components, you’ll be able to make an informed, confident decision regarding your equipment investment.



Here’s a look at the Fuzionate ~ a frozen dessert machine that produces 9 soft-serve flavors, and Sentry Equipment ~ its distributor, and why they both exceed industry standards and best business practices.

Industry Expertise & Market Share

The old adage, “Jack of all trades, master of none” applies to many industries, including the frozen dessert equipment industry. A company that focuses 100% of its attention, time, customer services, and equipment on “all things frozen dessert equipment related” can then confidently provide its customers with the appropriate comprehensive information, ongoing support, and newest products.

With over 3 decades of experience as an Electro Freeze distributor, Sentry Equipment has firmly established itself not only as the leader in this industry, but also as the “go to” distributor others look to for ideas and the latest technologies. As a result of focusing exclusively on the frozen dessert industry, this family-owned business has successfully garnered 75% of the market with their Electro Freeze equipment.  Further, customers of Sentry Equipment who sell frozen desserts for a living all use Electro Freeze equipment.

Fuzionate™ Freezer: In the Market Place

Sentry Equipment’s newest product, Fuzionate™, affirms their leading edge in the industry. This Electro Freeze equipment is the industry’s first fully-integrated frozen dessert machine to produce 9 different soft-serve flavors while requiring just a small footprint in your business space where sales per square foot are usually at a premium. Since typical soft-serve freezers dispense just one or two flavors, the Fuzionate™ freezer (featuring 21st century Fuzionate™ technology) enables patrons to choose from nine flavors of frozen dessert from one single machine. In addition, this new equipment in the industry produces flavors that are fully incorporated into every bite of the soft serve – not just at the edge.


Ongoing Support & Comprehensive Services

Founded on the motto, “Our job begins after the sale and our success depends on the success of our customer,” Sentry Equipment  does more than simply sell you a piece of equipment.  From helping you find a location for your business, meeting with your contractors, designing a floor plan, and creating your menu, to training you on the equipment, introducing you to suppliers, and providing you with ongoing service and support, Sentry Equipment helps you throughout the entire process of becoming a successful Fuzionate™ owner and operator.

Fuzionate™ Freezer: Easy to Service

Along with an array of consultative services, Sentry Equipment also offers world-class technical services.  Sentry’s service technicians are available to coordinate installations and training for individual, regional, and national roll-outs of Fuzionate™.  In addition, Sentry has a highly-skilled, factory-trained service technicians right in-house.  As a result, equipment can be serviced in a timely fashion to minimize or eliminate any downtime.  

User-Friendly Quality Brand & Tastebud-Friendly Quality Desserts

While being provided with great service and ongoing consulting is a unique and extraordinary aspect of this industry (provided exclusively by Sentry), it doesn’t mean much if the actual quality of the equipment and its dessert isn’t just as impressive. Electro Freeze has been a leading manufacturer of top-of-the-line frozen dessert equipment for decades.

Fuzionate™ Freezer: Owner & Customer-Friendly  

True to Electro Freeze’s reputation, Fuzionate™ is also user-friendly and cost-efficient. Your staff member or a convenience store customer simply walks up to the Fuzionate™ machine, selects one of the nine flavors, and then pulls down the lever so that the 21st century Fuzionate™ technology can easily dispense the creamy frozen yogurt, ice cream, or gelato.

The flavor change outs in Fuzionate™ are quite simple, making system-wide Quick Service Restaurant menu development for seasonal Limited Time Offers operationally efficient and profitable. The high-volume freezer does not require complicated attachments and it consistently produces a high-quality frozen dessert product through-and-through; as a result, new and repeat customers can count on receiving and enjoying an exceptional frozen treat each and every visit.  In addition, its sleek and modern design makes the Fuzionate™ a great addition in the front-of-the-house or behind the counter.

Successfully choosing a quality frozen dessert machine requires much more than simply ordering a machine and having it drop shipped to your location; it demands expecting (and receiving) nothing less than exceptional service from the initial inquiry and the investment in the equipment to building an ongoing, supportive relationship with your Fuzionate™ distributor.

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