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Don't Get Caught With Your PARTS Down!! Sentry Parts Program

Posted by Doug Lang

Mar 21, 2015 8:52:44 AM

sentry-2Summer is coming, and that means go time for the ice cream business. A lot of people enjoy ice cream all year round, but everyone likes ice cream in the summertime!! New hires, changing flavors, and expanding menus are all part of the preparation. You should also be checking your ice cream machines – batch, soft serve – to make sure they’re working at their optimum levels. Proper maintenance is key critical to machine performance. Sentry Equipment is there to help. The Sentry Parts Program is basically a reminder to change the wearable parts in your equipment.

Wearable Parts

Wearable parts, as the term suggests, are those that can wear out or get worn down. These parts are critical to your machine(s) working properly, and should be checked regularly. Trying to stretch the times between replacements of wearable parts is dangerous. It can lead to bigger, more expensive problems, including expensive repairs, loss of product, and/or business downtime. This can easily be avoided.

You should always keep wearable parts in stock at your establishment. Not a lot, there’s no need to house a small warehouse of parts, but you should have a few extras of each. That way you can make change outs when necessary, and are not waiting on a delivery to continue business as usual. If you are unsure of what you need for your specific equipment, just contact Sentry and someone will be happy to assist you. They’ll help educate you on what parts are needed and why. This way you’ll have what you need when you need it. Sentry can ship parts out directly.

Parts is Parts

Waiting until you have to change a part usually leads to bigger, and often more expensive, problems that could have easily been avoided. Being proactive with your wearable parts will help you avoid costly downtime and maintenance problems. Your parts mantra should be “Update, Change & Maintain”. A few examples:

  • How old are your blades? If your product is soft or your yield is off, it could be the blades.
  • O-Ring kits will maintain plunger and parts operation without leaks, drips, or downtime.
  • Are your mix transfer hoses stocked for the season?
  • Are your cleaning brushes no longer clean?
  • Stock up on Petrojel & Sterasheen by the case.
  • Door gaskets, seals, star caps, and bushings may ALL require updating.

Staying ahead of schedule with replacing parts will keep your machine(s) running efficiently, and give you peace of mind about running your business. A simple call or email now can help you avoid headaches (and worse) later. For more information about the Sentry Parts Program call today, 800.853.8026.

Sentry Parts Program

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