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Making Italian Ice In The Fuzionate

Posted by Robert Romarino

Jul 15, 2020 9:30:00 AM

If you're serving Italian Water Ice at your frozen dessert store, chances are, you're using a batch machine to make the product before serving it to customers.  Though this does allow you to make unlimited flavors, you are however limited by the number of dipping cabinets you have to store those different flavors.  Batching is a great way to provide a fresh and quality product to your customers. In fact, most of the water ice sold in our tri-state area (PA, NJ, DE) is made with one of our batch machines.  However, we want to introduce a new and revolutionary way to make and serve Italian Water Ice in your store.Fuzionate 44 RMTFB Medium

Introducing the Fuzionate 9 flavor system.

The Fuzionate will allow you to make a unflavored water ice base and then infuse eight flavors into the product on a cup by cup basis. So, with one machine, you'll be able to serve eight different flavors of Water Ice.  You just need to start with the base and then choose the eight flavors you want to offer. These flavors can be changed daily, weekly….even hourly if you are so inclined. 

For example, if we want a cherry water ice, you just have to select the "cherry" button on the machine and pull the handle to dispense the product.  In five seconds you have a cup of cherry water ice ready to serve to the customer. If you want to switch flavors all you have to do is rinse and select another flavor button and pull the handle. In a matter of seconds, you can go from flavor to flavor and you can continue to do this all day and night.  

Water ice out of the Fuzionate will give you a smooth, creamy and consistent product.  Your customers are guaranteed freshness each time you pull that handle.   You eliminate waste as you only serve what is needed.  No more worrying about old product sitting in the tub. And the Fuzionate gives you freedem.  Freedom to control the flavor potency with the dials on the machine. If you want more flavor, dial it up. If you want less flavor, dial it down.   You have freedom to choose the flavors you want.   Your pick.  Your potency.  Your profits. 

Serving water ice through the Fuzionate will remove the need for a batch freezer and additional dipping cabinets.  It will ensure freshness, consistency and all but eliminate waste.  Perhaps you're a store with limited space to add a batch freezer and dipping cabinets - but you want to offer Water Ice. The Fuzionate machine will allow you to do it.

Homemade water ice has always been the most profitable product you could offer your customers with profit percentages up to 90%.   It is highly repetitive with hardcore regulars enjoying it almost daily.   High profits.  Highly repetitive.  That’s why you see water ice shops in every neighborhood. 

The Fuzionate gives you another means to a water ice end.  Just another innovation from Sentry and Electro Freeze!

See how easy the Fuzionate is.

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