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The Best Water Ice Machine on the Market Making Mango Water Ice

Posted by Robert Romarino

Mar 21, 2014 4:05:00 PM

Mango is by far the favorite flavor of Italian water ice. If you are not already offering such a product at your frozen desserts business, you should be. But in order to stay competitive and make the best product possible, you need the best equipment out there. The Electro Freeze machine is the perfect choice. It has been on the market much longer than its competitors and is the most used of all Italian ice machines in the world for making water ice.


Why Choose Electro Freeze Italian Ice Machines?

If you are currently using another Italian ice machine or not making your own product, you probably think that creating water ice is a complicated and time-consuming process. The 20-quart Electro Freeze machine, however, is easy to operate and, with its single-latch door, wide filler mouth, and digital timer, features everything you need to Italian water ice on a daily basis.


How to Make Mango Water Ice with Electro Freeze Italian Ice Machines

There are many different ways you can create great mango ice with your batch machine. The following is a basic recipe to try first just to understand how the machine works, see how easy it is to use, and taste the excellent product it produces.

Start by filling a large bucket with 1 gallon of mango ice water base. Add 16 ounces of liquid stabilizer and 3 pounds of sugar. Mix everything well to ensure the sugar completely dissolves into the mixture. Dry sugar can damage the blades and dasher of your machine and create an inferior product. Once everything is mixed, simply pour the mixture into the machine.

Now is time to take advantage of the convenient water hose built in to your Electro Freeze machine. Rinse the residue left in the container to save all the flavor and sweetness. This will help to reduce waste and keep your product consistent and true to the recipe. Pour in the water after the rest of the mixture. Next, move the hose to the machine and fill it with water. Once the machine is full, turn it on to freeze.

After the machine has run for between 12 and 15 minutes, it is time remove the mango water ice. Place a bucket beneath the door on the adjustable can stand and crank the door open. The product will immediately start running out — smooth, creamy, and consistent. As soon as the first bucket is full, close the door to shut off the flow and fetch another container. You will notice just how well the machine dispenses all of the product out from the freezing cylinder. This ensures yield and also cuts down cleaning time.


On which note we arrive to the last step: cleaning the machine. Like making the product, this is another incredibly simply process. Rinse the machine using a little water from the hose. Turn on the dasher, this time letting the machine run for a few minutes. Then, drain the machine in the same way you removed the product. Everything is left clean and sparkling, ready for your next flavor.

Moving Forward with Electro Freeze Italian Ice Machines

After you have completed your first mango water ice product, you have the chance to experiment with the recipe; for instance, you can add more sugar to make the product sweeter, adjust freezing times to alter the consistenty, or add extra ingredients to modify the flavor. You can add bits of fruit "post draw" to create a different texture and appeal to your product. Keep playing and making slight changes until you have created the perfect product for you and your customers. Don’t forget to experiment with other flavors in the same way and understand that you are limited only by your creativity. Making your own product allows you to create your own homemade brand which is a huge advantage in today's crowded market. You also will be able to produce product at a fraction of what it costs to pruchase a wholesale product.

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