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Top Social Media Sites For Your Ice Cream Business

Posted by Robert Romarino

Jun 18, 2022 11:00:00 AM

Social media marketing can provide a huge sales boost and notoriety to your ice cream businesses. If you have followed us in the past, you know that we are big proponents of using social media.   The question is, with all the social media sites out there, which one is best for our business? Since your resources and time are limited as a business owner, we're going to help you determine which one is right for your business.

Let's start with Facebook. Facebook will likely get you the most bang for your buck because it is the king of social media marketing. There are 2.7 billion users a month on Facebook, which casts a wide net because just about every age-group demographic is on it. What's more, Facebook has a lot of marketing tools, such as ad campaigns, groups, pages, and events that you could take advantage of.   It's full of statistical and demographic data to help you target and track the success of your campaigns.   Plus, you can get really specific on who you want to target your ads and campaigns towards.   This allows you to let the data drive future decisions on all your strategies which is a key element to present and future success.

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Instagram integrates seamlessly with Facebook and is another excellent tool to use. It is a very visual platform, so it is perfect for the ice cream industry. Plus the content you create for Facebook can be used on Instagram and vice versa. Using visuals from your product categories and posting them on Instagram can help propel those visuals into sales. Your products have so much visual appeal so images of the products we serve will speak louder than words in this case. Another thing to consider is the demographic you can reach with Instagram. Sixty-seven percent of Instagram users are between the ages of 18-29. This is a very key demographic, with different spending habits that you can tap into...which we've addressed how in previous blog posts. There are 1 billion users a month on Instagram and 500 million users are on it at any time during the day. 71% of businesses have an Instagram account and 83% of users say they find out about new products via Instagram that they didn't know about before. To sum it up, Instagram is an amazing tool you should be taking advantage of.

Pinterest is also another visual platform that you can use to showcase your products. Pinterest has over 322 million active users. You can showcase your products, create boards and share your photos throughout the platform. Pinterest also hits a key demographic because over 70% of its users are female, which means you can target your ads specifically for that market. Pinterest is popular with businesses because, out of all the platforms, Pinterest is the one that drives the highest referral traffic. 

Finally, we get to Linked In. LinkedIn is different because you are promoting your business over your products. Linked In is a business tool and can be used to find and create sponsorships, start and promote fundraisers, or be used as a prospecting and recruiting tool. It's not just about promoting your products, but more about being a business owner. 

When It comes to social media you can't disregard it completely but you can't use every platform. Since your time and resources are limited, we recommend you check out these platforms first to get started. If you need any help, contact us, or call us.


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