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Making Your Own Water Ice

Posted by Robert Romarino

Dec 23, 2019 9:15:00 AM

To make your own or not make your own...that is the question. If you're in the frozen dessert business selling water ice then at some point you will need to ask yourself whether or not I should start making your own water ice. Well, as a company that's been involved in the frozen dessert industry for over 30 years we can say with confidence, YES. You should be making your own water ice product to sell to your customers. In this month's 3 Minute Tip, Rob Romarino points out all of the positive aspects of making your own water ice and why it's a no brainer to invest into it.

To see how you can make your own water ice, visit our Frozen Dessert Academy. We demonstrate the machines to use and share with you the hottest recipes in the industry. 


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