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Menu Architecture

Posted by Robert Romarino

Mar 25, 2024 11:14:52 AM


This month we talk about menus and menu structures. Menus are interesting because they combine the visual concepts of the creations you sell with data. One of the most important things we can do when creating a menu is to be visual. Someone should be able to walk into your store or look at your menu, pick a picture, and say "I want that". If you want to drive sales then you need to show items that you want to push.




Also, it is important to think about the layout of your menu. People read left to right so it will be important to put the most expensive or high profit items then you want to sell near the top left of the menu. This way customers will see these items first before seeing smaller, less expensive items. 

For more awesome tips on menu architecture be sure to check out the video above.


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