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The Art of Scooping Your Hand Dipped Ice Cream

Posted by Robert Romarino

Apr 15, 2022 3:00:00 PM


This month we give you the scoop on the art of scooping your hand-dipped ice cream.

Scooping hand-dipped ice cream can be a very inconsistent process and these little inconsistencies can add up to big costs over time. When we work with new customers and teach them to scoop we often find they have many different scoops sizes with many different employees. They might have a 3oz, 4oz. or 5oz. scooper just lying around and when each one of the different employees picks one up, it creates inconsistencies. One day a customer comes in and scoops are large, the next day they come in and the scoops are small. That's a problem for you and your customers, not to runs up food costs. 

So how do you maintain consistency when scooping ice cream.

Have a consistent scooper. The scooper is very important to how you serve hand-dipped ice cream. Many scoopers will color code the ball size of the scoop. First, you should find the scoop size that works best for your store. Next, make sure all of the scoopers match in your store. Make sure the colors/size are all consistent.

The Art Of Scooping Ice Cream

Never use hot water or a wet scooper.  Always use a dry scooper. The water can settle back on the ice cream and freeze, then you have freezer burnt products.

When scooping you need to maintain consistency every time across all employees - so you need a method to scoop. You have a round tub of ice cream and you have a round scooper. We want to use the roundness of the tub to help us create a consistent scoop of ice cream. Think of your tub as a clock face. There is 12 o'clock, 3 o'clock, 6 o'clock and 9 o'clock. We want to start our scoop starting at 12 o'clock and then roll it all the way around the outside until we hit 6 o'clock. This 1 half-lap around the tub gives you one scoop. For the next scoop, you're going to go from 6 o'clock back to 12 o'clock.

You are going to be left with a peak in the middle after a whole lap around the tub. For the next scoop, you'll start in the middle peak and go all the way around once. This once around the middle is one scoop as well.  This method of 12, 3, 6 9 allows you to train better your staff so they understand the consistency of every scoop. What's more, this method will present itself better to the customers as the tub works itself down consistently without any ugly zig-zags through the tub.

If you would like to see a demonstration of how it's done, check out our 3 Minute Tip on scooping ice cream.



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