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Frozen Dessert Delivery Made Easy

Posted by Robert Romarino

Aug 17, 2021 12:43:30 PM


This month's 3 Minute Tip focuses on frozen dessert delivery made easy. We've done previous blogs and tips on delivery and established that using 3rd party delivery services like Grub Hub, Door Dash and Uber Eats can be great for your sales. We've had a lot of customers take advantage of these services during the pandemic. But now that we're in a post-covid mindset, and people are coming back into the store, we can't forget about the options.


What can be delivered? Just about anything these days. Just ask the hundreds of stores, in our area alone, doing it. If you're still uncertain that sundaes can be delivered then set up a take-home and/or novelty section in your store. These items, pints, quarts, ice cream sandwiches, and others can easily be delivered as well as taken home when people visit your location. We've done several blog posts on creating novelties and even have recipes for you to follow if you want to make your own products. 

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